Wembley Medical Factory Joint Stock Company (with 100% domestic investment) was established in December 2015.

Our products are for both the local and overseas markets (especially Southeast Asia). Having the same efficiency compared to European standard products yet our price is 30-40% lower, we believe our products will dominate the local market and gain huge market share from imported products.

Wembley is run by enthusiastic young engineers, experts & leaders with extensive experience in the medical equipment field. We are committed to manufacturing and distributing products that are safe and effective for our community.

At Wembley, we understand that the medical equipment business is a special profession that has direct effects on the health and lives of people. Therefore, since its establishment,Wembley has always put QUALITY FIRST“.

Our products are manufactured & controlled under high level of quality management systems such as EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485: 2016, TCVN ISO 14001:2015 and GMP-WHO. We value research, studies and applications that promote better public health. Therefore, Wembley has established a team of experts committing to market research who directly work with doctors and patients to collect crucial information as a premise for continuously improving our products. Our products are manufactured at a high level of quality to not only meet but also exceed the needs of domestic & abroad.

With constant efforts, Wembley believes we can contribute greatly to the development of the Vietnamese medical equipment manufacturing industry in near future.

Our Vision

Becoming a leading company in manufacturing and supplying medical equipment in Vietnam and expanding into international markets. Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for Wembley Medical’s customers.

Our Mission

Master higher technology in manufacturing medical equipment to out-serve the high-tech consumable equipment and supplies market in Vietnam. Providing opportunities and initiatives in affordable and high quality Peripheral intravenous catheter (IV Catheter) for the local medical industry.